Saturday, May 28, 2005

To go or not to go...

I was delighted to pop open page two of HT and see that they had decided to show Star Wars Episode III here. I spent all of yesterday wiggling in anticipation. Slightly dampened by the fact that there was absolutely nobody here to even dignify it with informed indifference – Star Wars? hmmm is it like that Independence Day film?. Nevertheless resolutely cheery.
This morning a chilling idea crept up my spine. I put it down to paranoia and put it down. Didn’t stay that way - Reared its ugly head again. Called Vishwanath keeper of books, papers and sundry information, with cold fingers and brave heart.
They can’t possibly be showing STARWARS in hindi, Can they? CAN THEY?

What do you think?

Now I tell myself with a sickly grin that maybe this is the way it was meant to be, he! See Obi Wan spouting Hindi will probably add a dimension to the surrealism, huh?
I tell myself I am not even one of those diehard types that signs off with messages about the force, or can’t twiddle with an aging tube light without slipping into an elaborate fantasy.
For chrissake! I am not even that big a fan.
But the last ever to be made Star Wars film in Hindi?
One of those silly purists in me is putting up a squeaky shrieky protest.


Sheetal said...

"Nahin, tum aisa nahin kar sakte, Anakin!"
Ok, now I have to see this.

Anonymous said...

No, no how could they? You can't see it I say - not that there will be much dialogue, but still...
I am going on Wednesday, yeah!

rks said...

I am more bothered by people who consider Star wars as like-independence-day film. Any ways Star wars in Hindi, takes me back to my college days, when I convinced my gang to do a spoof drama on Star Wars. in Hindi. Turned out pretty good. with dialogs like "Luke ... Main tumhara baap hoon", "Shakti tumhare saath ho", and "apni Bijli ki talwar nikalo" . :)

Blog World said...

A dying man needs to die, as a sleepy man needs to sleep, and there comes a time when it is wrong, as well as useless, to resist.
Stewart Alsop- Posters.