Friday, May 20, 2005


Just threw an impromptu office party. The excuse was rather flimsy. Literally. A conch shaped lamp created from thermacole strips and mirrors. This was created by the handicapped persons downstairs undergoing personality development training. Landed up in my office through some relay gifting. Thought it would make a better lamp than a ‘wall hanging’ and duly converted it. The result was quite unanticipatedly lovely. Hence the party- gifters, giftee, and sundry floorees.
That was about the highlight of the day.
Not spectacularly significant - the day.
Oh but the importance of an average day!


Meera said...

Dont quite get it..what exactly are u doing in bhopal?

Shweta said...

hey Meera,
yeah an office party, makes me sound thoroughly officeticated doesn't it.
Actually I am on a longish project here in bhopal. There is a nodal craft cell(design development etc etc) iam helping set-up. could take a few months more. so I've got a house and everything. love the place. Organisation a little backward, as you would have guessed from all my belly-aching, but i try my poor best.

Sheetal said...

Aw, the children are talking directly to each other... (*wipes away tear*) Did we ever think we'd become superfluous as conduits, Gay?