Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Count your blessings?

I may have begun to subscribe to a theory of this friend of mine, Carlos. He always said focusing on happiness is an uncomfortable thing. Not only does it take away from the spontaneity of it, it actually takes the feeling away. Basically that you can never be happy and aware of the fact at the same time. I used to thing that not only was this a frightening thing, but also that it reeked of a certain petulance. I always like to know that I am happy, I never had a problem existing in the warmth of the awareness.
Now I am not so sure. Thinking about a “thing” creates entryways into “it”. Yes that sounds right. So there’s the risk of negative thoughts wading in and infecting “it”. That of course depends on the general atmosphere of thoughts around this Happiness moment. So when the hell did I begin to have more negative than positive thoughts? Shit! Life must have happened to me....

Ab koi khaab sajane mein bhi dar lagta hai,
Lag gayi mujh ko zamaane ki nazar lagta hai


Sheetal said...

I think I know what Carlos meant. Direct experience versus a 'record' of it. No comparison. Not just because thinking creates entryways and might bring negative thoughts in its wake, but because it changes it, sullies it even.

Anonymous said...

You should read this book called The Dancing Wu Li Masters - or have you already? It's actually about Quantum Physics and also talks about this.
Very nice

Shweta said...

Hey Nishaaat!
Nice to have you visit. yeah i've read it. Its so interesting you should have thought of that in this context! I would have thought it applied more directly to the previous blog. your mind must have stayed connected!:)
Particle or Wave- not both, do you mean? or was there a more direct reference i can't remember?