Thursday, June 02, 2005

Always another time

It’s been one of those days. These landmark days, these lifestyle altering ones are getting so bloody frequent; I am beginning to enjoy them with a remarkable disinterest. Quite a bit to say so will not say it, too boring, too now. Will instead type out verbatim a quarter hour mood mooring of a dusk, some two months ago, which I uncrumpled while rummaging for something else.

A few boys have discovered my ‘Peace spot’
Need to have their mouths washed
What can you say?
It does not offend me like it would have
Its funny how I take an almost aesthetic interest
Does nothing matter anymore?
That’s a very trite thing to ask.
But really……
They’ve gone. It’s suddenly lonely.
Is there innocence in childish cruelty?
Because they cannot Do what they are thinking
Because they are playacting, because only tomorrow will be the real thing?
Is it okay to be a wicked child?
Is it okay to be an evil adult.

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