Friday, December 08, 2006

Raichur ramblings - 2

Raichur's landscape is pretty much Deccan stuff. Dryish, with lovely dusks. But it has some beautiful rocks! In fact the entire stretch from Hyderabad has great formations, but the ones I saw this evening close to this old old Shiva temple are something else. Next time my instinct tells me to go fetch my camera I will listen to it even if it means two flights of stairs. (Raichur’s hospitality doesn’t extend to elevators.)
I am happy to report that my lethargy is a thing of the past. In fact right now with an ounce of tadaka filter coffee in my system I am feeling decidedly perky. After three days of anemic, wimpy coffee at the hotel, I decided to try this stand-up-and-serve-yourself-type joint. Rs 4 for an extra strong decoction with a dash of hot milk thrown into miniscule steel tumbler and Davara. Aha! Happiness. Porcelain is all right for tea but there is something about real coffee that demands steel.
As you can see, when I am away from home it is the mundane things that make me merry.

To continue-
Milne ke vaade se tasalli ho padi hai abke
Ke ye manzar mere hone mein hoga, yakeen nahi hota

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