Monday, June 05, 2006

Gushing on

Ya ali yaar pe hain loota dun mita dun mein apni khudi
Aha why does it all seem so much more, just more when Shiny’s face fills the screen? That song on that Man, the Bhatt gang knows what it is doing sometimes.
I and (a thousand others I daresay) would have said that Shiny is a very silly name for a grown man. Not anymore. Now you can say Shiny to me in the manner of BOO, and see my face light up. I tell you, that man lends dignity to a name. Oh! Shiny, Shiny Shiny.

BTW Gangster’s oookay, Shiny’s fabulous. I desperately hope he does not develop his tendency to overact. He is just perfect when he just is. Thought he was good in Kal, waiting to see Hazaaron khwaishein aisi. Spitty it has to be on small screen now.


Silpa said...

I just had to say something to that. ANd that is, Hear Hear!
BTW... I enjoyed hanging out with both you and of course Arjunaa these past days. I would have loved to have known the two of you in my HPS school days... :)
Please, Sheetal, Shweta... If you are anywhere near where I am in CHicago look me up!

Shweta said...

Allo sugarling! Did not expect anyelse. Would have been disappointed not to see you react to that!
Any visit to that part of the world will include Chicago hence.
Delhi being reasonable I hope?
(Pls. find enclosed
1) Dry hug.)