Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Reference to context

I find that if this blog is to survive in any form at all then it needs a new context. But I find I have let so much water flow under the bridge that I am baulking at the effort it will take me to provide this context. The water that has passed has been so rich, so colorful, and so important that I have never been sure that I could do it justice in words. So after much deliberation I have decided on bullet points.

  • I found my Guru
  • My life is now different

As for the rest, I resort to Kabir.

Akath Kahani Prem Ki, Kutch Kahi Na Jaye

Goonge Keri Sarkara, Baithe Muskae
This untellable story of love, not a word can be spoken of it
A dumb man tastes a sweet, he sits and smiles

Now having labeled myself dumb, I hope I am able to talk more. 

And when I speak you will know from where I speak, no?


footloose said...

nudge. likho re.

Tejas said...

Thanks for the translation! :P

Sheetal said...

nudge. likho re.

ivan koki said...

Thanks for posting this. I wish it was able to be translated, but for some reason Google
toolbar isn't working. I copy pasted it into another application and read the post. )))