Friday, June 13, 2008

Clear and present duty

Jaanta hoon sawaab-e-taa’at-o-zahad

Par tabeeyat idhar nahin aatee


Is there anything as perfectly designed to bore you to death and make you drum your heels in defiance and explore all other avenues of temporal occupation as the inescapable knowledge of what constitutes your present duty? Dear God, grant me some subuddhi before it is too late and I am sunk in a mire of guilt.


footloose said...

lol. when the vyas starts poking, it's a sign of clear and present duty.

Shweta said...

Yes, no Pilli? You are feeling for me no?

Sheetal said...

oh the quality of sleep when exams loom... the day-dreams I fell into over open books! Never since, I tell you. Enjoy!

Shweta said...

Written no doubt when I was enjoying my comfortable siesta? Lethal Sheetal rubs it in, the Meanster!

Nelia said...

Good words.