Sunday, November 18, 2007

Little by little we grow…

One has acquired one’s first long lens and one is thrilled to pixels. A couple of stray remarks by the Mater and one’s own reaction to the same had one worried that one may have also inadvertently acquired the NAS*- a deadly condition that those in the know say is a degenerative disease. But when one recollects that one was the kind of vichitra प्राणी that worked with a fully manual camera and a single lens for a decade before going digital somewhat kicking and crying, one is able to laugh away those fears. One feels quite sure that the long-standing habit of parsimony will prevail over epidemic passing fancies.

The first 1MB has been gobbled up by creatures and things around the house- so just nice ordinary pictures there, nothing great in content or form. But something needs putting up to mark the occasion. So kindly indulge.

*Nikon Acquisition Syndrome


Silpa said...

Stunners, all.

Shweta said...

Silpe: Danka danka!