Saturday, October 20, 2007

A master's voice

Have you heard Mehdi Hasan sing Ab ke hum bichde? He sings it like a dream. The first sher is okay and some others are really good, but you don’t think of all that when you hear him sing it – they all sound uniformly brilliant.

Today was a long-bath day (pedicure included) and this was my song of choice. The bath turned out longer than I expected and so I had to make up another sher to go along. It has the same khafiya as the maqta, but is different in content.

Ab na woh tu hain na main hun na woh maazi hai Faraz

Jaise do saaye tamannayon ke saraabon mein mile

Ahmed Faraz

Ye aane ka chalne ka jaane ka sabab

Ho ke seharaon mein phir ke saraabon mein mile

Another one happens as I write-

Aag-e-hijr mein jalaa di thi tere shumaar-e-khata

Shaayad tarq-e-ishq ki wajah tere hisaabon mein mile


deewaan said...

"Ye aane ka chalne ka jaane ka sabab; Ho ke saharaon mein phir ke saraabon mein mile"

Waah, Bahut acchhe!! Almost better than any in the original, in fact! All it needs now is to hear Mehdi Janaab sing it!!

Couldn't follow your transliteration in the other one. Jaladi? Did you mean 'Jalaa dee'? or Jaltee...?

Incidentally, you've forgotten to label this one! :-)

Shweta said...

Oopsiee! Will put up edited version :)
Thank you, eagle-eyed one!