Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Me bags spot!

I was tormented by unsettling dreams all of last night.

I finally have the Book, all 600 odd pages of it. I am strenuously reading page after page of it and not a word sinks in. I am dying to understand, but I might as well have the Russian copy for all the good it does me.

As if this isn’t hell enough, I am being constantly disturbed, phone calls, old friends popping in and asking for addresses of tailors, people asking for their house keys, Mauzwala, and anybody with the slightest pretext walks in. The night is aging in and my eyelids are drooping…still got half-way to go…panic…the morrow will bring spoilers in the form of howlers and I have to finish tonight…

All in all not very pleasant, but of course we don’t need Dr Freud for this one. The thing about not getting the book is from my inability to focus on my revision; my concentration is shot, because with three days to go I am too excited to sit still, leave alone be able to painstakingly pick through for Jo’s randomly strewn clues.

Also there are other important arrangements to be made. In-house security to be tightened, Father to be warned hourly about the importance of keeping mum and scanning the papers for potential spoilers and warning us in advance. Arranging for a stream of nibbles to arrive on said Day so as to provide sustenance without requiring both hands of sustainee.

Also one needs to provide oneself with the Spot. The perfect spot to plant one’s bottom, providing light, air, privacy and atmosphere. My sister being the smarter one of us bagged hers before I had a chance to say Expelliarmus.

So I went scouting for my own. I haven’t done too badly I think, only it will be nice if the day is a bit cloudy so I wont have to wear a cap all day.

What do you reckon? Magic enough?


Sheetal said...

uh uh never thought about the nibbles. we shall have to buy some non sticky finger food, and cola or apple juice or somesuch.

Shweta said...

Yes good thinking, but it has got to be something non-stomach-churny, we don't want much more that.

footloose said...

kya mental logaan hain baap! jaldi book khatam karo, phir partner dekhne chalenge.

Shweta said...

Flooziepapa: Ek kahanee khatam to duji shuroo ho gayi maamoo...?
lekin kahaniyon ke douraan thoda sa kaam bhi kar liya jaye tho guzara ho jatha, nai?

Silpa said...

Hummus and fresh artisan bread, blueberries, finger sandwiches (goat cheese and baba ghanoush), lots of blueberries strawberries grapes to keep popping, some trail mix for when the sweetness gets to be a bit much and then - at the very end, I plan to crack open one of those new Smirnoff mojito-in-a-bottle thingies that have taken my life by storm. All of Sunday I will sleep. Maybe watch Ratatouille. I have to say, Vyas behnon, it is SO nice to be able to find someone who is as nutty about this as I am. Place of read? Why, but the choice is simple... my bed of course!

Meera said...

:( i ordered it 4 months in advance but cudnt go pick it up coz ive been working all day.. and will be tomorrow too.. But Ive stayed off the net and have cautiously read the newpapers .. safe so far :)