Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Revisiting relativity

'Ek Lamhe Mein Simat Aaya Hai Sadiyon Ka Safar
Zindagi Tez Bahut Tez Chali Ho Jaise'

Much has happened. Bhopal is so unassumingly beautiful. So much quite culture. It almost has me believe that life is all about just that, Art and Beauty. But only almost, because during the same period I have met more human mediocrity than I have had managed to have deep breathes. This dichotomy between the sublime and the unbearably mundane is too much to handle. This! This I think must be the reason why I feel that I have just spent the fastest month-and-a-half of my life.
Feels like a lot and absolutely nothing.


Uma said...

That's the dilemma of urban life today. Its not like the older time when the urbnites had the time to spend on arts and literature. Now they spend whole of their time discussing themselves. We are progressing, aren't we?

random said...

Ek Lamhe Mein Simat Aaya Hai Sadiyon Ka Safar
Zindagi Tez Bahut Tez Chali Ho Jaise'

Not sure about the irony/sarcasm of the entry and comments, those are two very beautiful lines. I was just glad to find someone agrees with me. :)

Shweta said...

hi random,
what sarcasm? I was very much in earnest.

deewaan said...

'Ek lamhe mein...' is very nice! Could be a lovely way to begin a song, nahin? :-)

Btw, did you know there actually is a theory in physics that says that if one was to move really really fast (as in, close to the speed of light) something like 'ek lamhe mein sadiyon ka simatnaa' would actually take place?... I recall this fascinating episode of Carl Sagan's 'Cosmos' (seen back in the good ol' doordarshan days) which had a hypothetical illustration - a young boy goes for a ten-minute hyper-velocity spaceship ride, and returns to find his twin brother about sixty years older than himself!

Which gives an interesting angle to what you say in the sher, isn't it?

Oops, just noticed your Title... you probably wanted to imply exactly the same thing!! :)

I say, i ought to apologise for these comments on months-old posts you've probably forgotten about!

Shweta said...

Hey apologies first off! This sher is not mine at all. It is from a very nice ghazal "koi fariyaad..." from the film 'Tum bin' (which I like also). I did not know the lyricist's name at that time, but I really should have bothered to find out. I guess it is such a popular song that I did not think much about it...
I just found out it is by Faiz Anwar.
You can find it at

I am quite a new physics fan, so yeah that is what I meant. :-)

deewaan said...

Oops, sorry! Evidently, my cinematic knowledge has truly gaping holes in it!!

And i was surprised to see that the movie the song comes from is not even very old... I must admit I never ever listen to present day tunes, in the smug belief that one is only missing out on lyrics of the 'crazy kar dala' variety (you know the one I mean? The video is pestilentially recurrent on TV - one catches a glimpse of Ashwairya Rai doing jumping-jacks in all her plasticky delectableness, before one manages to change channels with a grimace!)

"A new physics fan"? Who would have thought?! Of someone who writes with such potent beauty, I mean...?! :-)

Shweta said...

ooooooo Gaping holes, indeed!!
Crazy kar dala... can't think of which you is the considerably less elegant- Crazy kiya Re!!
God you must be the only person this side of the sun who would tweak the month-long national song, just to make it sound more refined in your head!
And why would you not associate New physics with beauty? There are few things as exquisite as the implication/concepts of quantum physics and relativity,I feel.

deewaan said...

'crazy kara'...'crazy kiya'... same difference! Probably meant to describe the state of mind of the lyricist!! 'National song', you say??? Sigh... we must be a masochistic people, nahin?

Oh, I agree entirely about the endless fascination of quantum mechanics, relativity, chaos, or even genetics (do you read Richard Dawkins?). There are few things more beautiful than an elegant scientific concept. I just meant that most people who appreciate these things (the 'geeky' types) don't happen to write like someone on the Booker shortlist! :-)